Industrial mixer parts

Spare parts: guaranteed conformity of industrial mixer parts and delivery times

We have the answer to all your needs :

  • to change a defective part: mixing shaft, upper shaft, impeller, etc.
  • building a stock of spare parts: mechanical seals, gears or gear kits, bushings, wear rings, seals, braids, belts, impellers operating in corrosive or abrasive environments, bolts and nuts including in rare alloys, speedometer, etc.

Missenard Quint Industries supplies industrial mixer parts for its own machines and for third-party machines, in France and abroad.

Part conformity whatever the origin of the equipment

We guarantee conformity:

  • For a Missenard Quint Industries mixer

The customer sends a copy of the assembly drawing inset or its number and indicates the references of the parts that need replacement. Using our archive system, we can supply a part identical to the original or a part with the same function.

  • For third-party industrial mixers

The customer sends us the technical elements (drawings, dimensions or the part itself).We can provide a part that meets the need. In some cases, we carry out measurements on the part or at the customer’s site.
Our engineering office can provide advice to our customers on optimising the parts requested. For example, following a broken shaft, we offered to design a more robust replacement for the customer and significantly enhanced the reliability of the replacement part.

Keeping to delivery times

In the event of a malfunction or breakage, time is crucial. With the customer, we analyse the minimum lead time which can be envisaged depending on our stocks and a short manufacturing time. If this time does not meet our customer’s needs, we will look for an alternative solution. For example, we carried out an emergency repair enabling the customer to start his mixer while waiting for a new shaft to be manufactured.