Missenard Quint Industries teams

Competent teams working in perfect coordination

Whatever the nature of the project (manufacture, repair, supply of spare parts, refurbishment), the best result is based on close collaboration between all our teams and the quality of the dialogue with our customers.

Our company is organised into two sections: bringing in orders and processing orders.

Upstream, bringing in orders

The people working prior to signature of the order:

  • The sales department: this is the technical sales force in contact with our customers. Our technical sales people are there to guide you in your project study: they can deal with your requests, visit your site to discuss your needs, send a costed quote and conclude the sale.
  • The engineering office: under the responsibility of a Chief Engineer and with the support of an engineer from ENSIC (National School of Chemical Industry in Nancy), the designers define the machines, propose alternative solutions if necessary, ensure your specifications are met and identify any deviations.
  • The planning department: estimates the cost of the machines, draws up the quote and the master schedule.

Downstream, order processing

The teams that work once the order has been placed:

  • The engineering office : to prepare for manufacturing, the industrial designers draw up the general assembly drawing and production drawings.
  • The methods department: organises the manufacturing process, prepares the production schedule and identifies the main milestones.
  • Manufacturing : makes the sheet metal parts comprising the mixer, carries out inspection and assembly, conducts tests and draws up the technical file.
  • The site team is responsible for installation work on the customer’s site