Equipment with mixers : stirred tank, mixed reactor, lift stirrer, etc.

As well as mixers and mixing columns, we offer mixer assemblies.

Stand mixer

This is a mixer fixed on a stand that can easily be raised and lowered. This solution enables the tank to be evacuated easily after each operation.

The mixer can be lifted in three ways: electrically, pneumatically or manually.

Depending on your needs, Missenard Quint Industries can also supply:

  • the tank
  • the control cabinet
  • the impeller carriage

Reference: Supply of a stand mixer for the preparation of inks, with manual replacement of the impeller according to the preparation. The tank and the control cabinet are supplied by the customer.

Reference: Stand mixer for process optimisation and qualification tests in the customer’s factory. Supply of a range of impellers for industrial installations, speed control. Supplied with tank and control cabinet.

Stirred tank

Missenard Quint Industries can supply the mixer + reactor assembly. The tank is manufactured by our partner boilermaker under our responsibility. The tank can be supplied with a PED file if required.

Mixers with floats for basins

Missenard Quint Industries has created SUB MISSENARD, a submersible mixer for stirring up sludge in outdoor basins. It requires no specific infrastructure prior to installation. It is easy to position in areas of difficult access and can be attached to the side of your basin. Very manageable, it can be moved easily thanks to its cable and can be used in a variety of basins, or at the bottom of a tank in operation. It is compact and can be transported in a commercial vehicle.

Skid-mounted mixers

Missenard Quint Industries offers skids with integrated mixers. We produce them with a partner. These skids are used by universities and laboratories on industrial sites.

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