Mixer manufacturer since 1933

As a mixer manufacturer, we offer custom solutions

Our various types of industrial mixers:

  • Vertical mixers, also known as top-entry or pendulum mixer
  • Horizontal mixers, also called side-entry, wall-mounted or helical mixers
  • Bottom-entry reactor mixers
  • In-line mixers, also called pipe mixers

Our in-process mixers:

Missenard Quint Industries does not manufacture static mixers or immersed mixers.

Simple or complex mixers: always a customised approach

For us, each customer is unique and each project is examined with fresh eyes. For every request, whether it is for a simple or complex mixer, all the questions are asked again. This is our way of guaranteeing the right solution for our customers.

Wherever possible, we base our quotes on similar projects that we adapt to the new requirements. By limiting “customisation” to what is strictly necessary, we can capitalise on our successes and produce machines that are competitively designed and priced.

Management of your project at Missenard Quint Industries

Our people work in project mode, usually as follows:


  • Discussion and dialogue with the customer
  • Search for a solution in the database of previously delivered machines and specific calculations by our engineers
  • Mechanical calculation of the drive chain
  • Drawing up of a project plan
  • Costing, simulation of production schedule
  • Technical and sales proposal.


  • Manufacturing plan, approval and production phase
  • Procurement, manufacturing
  • Inspection, assembly and testing in our factory pit
  • Suitable packing and shipping
  • On customer site: assembly and commissioning, optional assembly supervision.