Mixer manufacturer: our production resources

Our industrial plant is equipped with all the resources to manage the entire manufacturing chain for our mixers.

With 2,250 m² of covered surface area, our production resources are divided into 4 sectors:

  • Mechanics
  • Mechanical welding
  • Assembly
  • Testing

For each sector, the technical resources comprise:

Mechanical production resources

  • Horizontal lathes up to 15 metres between centres
  • Milling machines, boring machines, slotting machines, drills, alternating saws
  • Lifting equipment (bridge, electrical hoists, etc.)
  • Electrical furnace, ovens

Mechanical welding equipment

  • Press, rolling machine, bending machine, shears, folding machine, cutting machine, etc.
  • Plasma cutting unit
  • TIG welding unit, semi-automatic, direct current and alternating current arc, etc.
  • Sanding and painting cabins
  • Lifting equipment:2 rolling bridges max. load 10 T / 5 cranes up to 1 T

Assembly equipment

  • 100 m² platform

Test equipment

  • Test tank and test pit each 50m3
  • Welding: Our Qualified Welders use qualified welding procedures for stainless steel, incolloy, hastelloy, Uranus, titanium, duplex, super duplex, monel, etc.

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