Mixer repair and refurbishment

Whatever the brand, we can repair, renovate or upgrade your industrial mixer.

Does your industrial mixer need an overhaul ? Do you want to upgrade? Renovation and refurbishment will enable you to extend the lifetime of your machine and are good alternatives to manufacturing a new mixer.

For quality products, we provide:

  • Our know-how as a manufacturer of new industrial mixers
  • Our engineering office for complex products
  • Our advice and spirit of innovation
  • Our production resources located on the same site as our engineering office.

Renovation or overhaul

To exrend the lifetime of your industrial mixer without changing its functionality, we proceed as follows:

  • Reception of all or part of the machine (head assembly, impeller + shaft)
  • Dismantling and troubleshooting
  • Quote, order, procurement of raw materials and manufactured parts
  • Manufacture of mechanically-welded parts (shaft, impellers, interface parts)
  • Reassembly, functional tests and shipping.


To upgrade an existing machine, whether or not it was manufactured by Missenard Quint Industries, adapting it to a new process, environment, standard or technology, or just improving its efficiency:

  • Diagnosis: evaluation of the request according to the new objectives and the condition of the machine to be upgraded. We base our study on a drawing of the existing machine and the necessary technical data (dimensions, power calculations, etc.) and if necessary, a visit to the customer.
  • Project-mode design phase:
    • When the refurbishment project concerns hydraulics and mechanics, the project is managed in the same way as for a new machine: search for the optimal hydraulic solution in our database, verification of the drive chain and definition of the modifications to be made.
    • When only the mechanics are involved, our engineering office defines the modifications, ensuring they are compatible with the existing machine.