Historical manufacturer of industrial mixer

Industrial mixer: years of experience and recognised know-how

A pioneer in industrial mixing, Missenard-Quint filed the 1st agitation patent in France in 1933.

It is the only French manufacturer of industrial mixers to have its own production plant in France. The company has complete mastery of the process: manufacture, inspection and pre-shipping validation tests. This is also an advantage for the customer who can conduct on-site inspections during the manufacturing phase. As well as manufacturing, we offer our customers support during the lifetime of the machine with a full range of services : spare parts, maintenance, repairs, renovation and revamping.

Our know-how is particularly recognised for welding and machining a wide variety of materials: stainless steel, incolloy, hastelloy, uranus, duplex, super duplex, monel, etc.

The experience of our engineering office (database of machines produced over more than 80 years) and our calculation tools mean we can hydraulically and mechanically size the machines we produce.

Our test laboratory is fitted with various pilots and a wide range of mobiles for working on new products and processes.

Mixer families produced by us

3 families :

Our Customers

Our customers work in a variety of industrial sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Bioindustry, biofuels, methanisation
  • Chemicals, Hydrometallurgy, Ore processing
  • Fertilisers (phosphoric acid, nitrates)
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • Large-capacity storage (oil, food industry) of finished products (tar, etc.)
  • Processing: water, waste.

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