Installation of an industrial agitator

We assist our customers with the installation of their industrial agitators

Finished machine testing before shipping

The mixers are tested in water if they have no bottom impellers and if their dimensions allow. We measure the power output and check it matches the specifications of the final product and we check the mechanical behaviour of the mixer. We completely assemble the machine and conduct empty rotation testing of the mixing head.

Careful shipping

We ship our industrial mixers throughout the world by road, sea and sometimes air. Our packing is designed to suit the machines dimensions, fragility and destination.

Complete assembly or assembly supervision

As requested, our teams can deal come to the customer’s site to:

  • carry out complete assembly with alignment of the reactor bottom impeller and welding;
  • supervise assembly by instructing internal or external personnel provided by the customer.

Our fitters are certified for level 2 chemical risks (N2). They do not do any electrical work. We are also able to participate in drawing up the prevention plan.

Start-up assistance and operator training

We can assist customers during the start-up phase, especially for validation tests. As the lifespan of the industrial agitator depends largely on good maintenance, operators must be able to use the machines correctly. The training takes place in our factory or on the customer’s site during assembly and/or start-up.

Contractor’s file

We deliver a file that complies with the customer’s needs and environment. As standard, it includes the technical description, the general assembly drawing, the assembly instructions, operating and maintenance instructions, the test sheet and the declaration of incorporation. It can be personalised on request and completed with specific documents (material data sheets, inspection reports, welding log, ATEX certificate, etc.).

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