Mixer maintenance: Services offered for Missenard or other brand machines

Supply of spare parts, renovation and refurbishment of Missenard or other brand mixers.

Our know-how as a designer and manufacturer of new industrial mixers and our ability to innovate means we can provide you with the services you need to protect your mixer and maintain it in good working order:

  • we provide spare parts all around the world;
  • we overhaul industrial mixers;
  • we can refurbish your industrial mixer to upgrade it.

In case of breakdown, we optimize manufacturing deadlines and come up with emergency solutions in order to avoid or limit production interruption.

Spare parts : compliance and meeting deadlines

Impeller_polimiroir 370x175

Do you need to change one or more defective parts? Build up a stock of spare parts?

For Missenard industrial mixers, our archive system enables us to find any part that conforms to the original or fulfils the same functions. If it is an industrial mixer made by another manufacturer, we can supply the right part thanks to the technical information you provide and, if necessary, the dimensions.

In the event of a breakdown, we optimise manufacturing times and develop emergency solutions to avoid or limit downtime.

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Renovation : prolong the life of your industrial mixer

REVA 3.0 rénovation alternative recadrée 370x175

Your industrial mixer needs an overhaul that will prolong its lifespan. After dismantling, we will carry out a diagnosis of the elements requiring our intervention, and the nature and cost of the repair. Once the parts have been repaired or replaced, we conduct functional tests before sending the mixer back to you.

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Refurbishment : upgrading your industrial mixer


You need to adapt your industrial mixer to a new environment; a new process, changing standards or technologies...  or maybe you just want to improve its efficiency.
Following an in-depth diagnosis, our teams work in project mode, as if they were designing a new machine. We look for suitable solutions, implement them and check they are compatible with the existing environment.

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